Gait Augmentation Seminar

Friday October 22

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2:00 PM  –  3:30 PM

Forget your fingerprint or your face. Did you know your unique walk is a reliable bio-tracker? This workshop and satirical seminar, led by artist and experience designer Laura Allcorn, trains participants to outwit surveillance algorithms. Imagine it’s 2022 and gait tracking technologies are activated on our streets. If you want to go incognito on any sidewalk, prepare with the Gait Augmentation Seminar. First, you’ll master a peculiar walk with our Mind Over Matter moves. Then, you’ll layer on our proprietary Matter Over Mind equipment for upping your disguise game—The Pebble, The Elastic Enhancer, and The Self Refractor. Cool down with a discussion: Should opting out be this hard?

This event will be located in the student commons area of the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility.